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Our museum offers a range of unique spaces and exhibits as well as special events that make your visiting experience worth the spent money. We also have an extensive library with free access to unlimited resources about dinosaurs, their species development history, their extinction reasons research etc.

Dinosaurs are not everything paleonthology deals with.

We use our unique collections and unrivalled expertise to tackle the biggest challenges facing the world today. We care for more than 200 million exhibits spanning billions of years and welcome more than five million visitors annually.

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Some exhibitions may sell out early in the day during busy seasons (especially on weekends, in the summer and on holidays).

We don't have lockers, but we do have a coat check with available space to store your backpacks and luggage.

Our visitors are allowed to take pictures for personal use in most places at our museum. However, there are a few places where we cannot allow photography. These places are well-marked with signage.

Yes, our visitors are welcome to bring their own brown bag lunches to The Dino Museum. However, you must eat in designated areas in the Dino center. Ask a guest relations specialist if you are unclear as to where to eat and what to do if you are lost.